About Shutter & Boogie

Shutter & Boogie was founded over 30 years ago, and formalized into a professional business in 2008, when Michael Blair, Photographer & DJ, was repeatedly asked to not only photograph performances and functions, but to also use his musical talents to DJ dances.


Michael started in photography with a keen eye on candids, the environment and action photos. He enjoyed capturing family events, landscapes, animals and sporting events. His interest in photography brought him to focus some of his college education in black & white photography at a time when digital photography was just being introduced to the industry. He dreamed of the day when the camera and dark room would become digital and affordable. That quickly became a reality, as the technology became cheaper and cheaper and the photo editing software more and more powerful.

Michael soon there after replaced his 35mm camera for a digital SLR, and was quickly pleased that he did. Not only could he shoot more photographs, the results of his work could immediately be reviewed. He found what he gained in ease of use in digital photography, he did not lose the technical aspects of "manual" photography in the new equipment.


From the days of making mixed-tapes for dance parties, Michael has been able to keep a party rocking through his vast knowledge and love of all genres of music, his audience's interests, and understanding the way the songs flow into a harmonic array of tunes. He has continued grow his music collection over the years into a diverse collection of music from big band to classic rock to country to classical to hip-hop to oldies to modern pop. He never stops listening to music and ever expanding his collection to include new releases, but also to fill-in the library with past artists.

When booking a DJ event, most clients build their playlist from the current music collection library. If Michael's collection is void of your favorite artist, he will be certain to not only add that artist's top hits, but also a majority of their other unknown works.  Don't hesitate to let Michael know of your musical interests no matter how diverse or obscure.

Contact Shutter & Boogie anytime to book a photoshoot and/or to DJ your event.

Address: Shutter & Boogie Michael Blair, Photographer & DJ 63 Emerald St., Suite 419 Keene, NH 03431 (603) 439-2119 (office) (866) 808-0109 (fax) michael@shutterandboogie.com