Sporting Events

Ever try to capture the winning goal, homerun, tackle, winning expression?

Photographing sporting events can be a difficult task: the action is fast paced, lighting is bad for photography, there are hard angles to shoot from, and the players are usually great distance away or too close to the camera.  I'm able to overcome those obstacles by having experience being an athlete, playing nearly every sport, and understanding the strategy of the game.   Through this knowledge, I'm able to anticipate what's going to happen before it does.  In addition, as being a successful 3-time champion, undefeated basketball coach I'm able to look for the momentum of the game and get a sense of what's going to happen before it does.

Having enjoyment for sports is also a positive when it comes to photographing events.  I'm not at the event, "just to shoot it", but as an active spectator who's engaged in the drama of the action.  I've shot all types of sports from: hockey, basketball, lacrosse, figure skating, football, baseball, golf, tennis, track & field, volleyball, swimming, field hockey, cheerleading and soccer.

The cost for booking a sporting event photoshoot will vary on the location* and duration of the event, as well as if the team is purchasing copyright free photo disks, or will be purchasing individual photos via the online photo gallery ordering system.  However, the typical charge to shoot the sporting event and receive a copyright free photo disk is $25 per player, whereas if the team wishes to purchase photos via the online photo gallery ordering system there is no sitting fee charge**.  Individual photos will start at $1.50 for a 4x6 high-gloss print.

In addition to shooting action photos, the option for team and individual player photos is also available.  Packages start at $10 for a 4x6 individual photo and 5x7 team/group photo. The photos will be delivered in a keepsake photo frame.  Individual photos will also be available for purchase, and photos start at $1.50 for a 4x6 high-gloss print. 

Photo Frame Examples (additional frames are available):

* All photography to be conducted within a 1 hour drive of Keene, NH. Distances greater than 1 hour will be charged an additional fee of $50 per hour
** A sitting fee may be incurred if the event location is further than 1 hour driving distance from Keene, NH.